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Parexl Workspace offers top-notch amenities and a flexible coworking environment designed to fuel your startup’s success. Experience the best coworking space in Noida today.

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Welcome to Parexl – Noida & Delhi’s premier affordable coworking space tailored for today’s entrepreneurs, ambitious corporates, and dynamic freelancers. Nestled in the vibrant hubs of two cities, our spaces are not just desks and chairs. They’re an ecosystem teeming with innovation and collaboration.

What sets Parexl apart?

We’re more than a workspace. We’re a social enterprise driven by a mission to catalyze and support game-changing ideas that impact the world positively. Whether you’re a startup looking to scale, a freelancer seeking inspiration, or a corporate aiming to innovate, Parexl offers the perfect backdrop for your aspirations. Ready to make a difference? Connect, collaborate, and change the world with Parexl.


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Our office space offers the added convenience of spacious and free parking for all our members.

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Designed specifically for freelancers and SMEs, Parexl Workspaces provides the ideal environment to boost your productivity and foster collaboration. With top-notch amenities and a flexible coworking office space, you’ll have everything you need to thrive in your work.

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    Get answers to most commonly asked questions.

    Coworking is a contemporary work arrangement that has gained traction not only in foreign countries but is also making waves in Indian organizations. This concept offers a shared office space in noida, where professionals from diverse backgrounds, fields, and organizations come together to work under one roof, enjoying a range of amenities.

    The main objective is to create a dynamic and conducive environment that promotes productivity while encouraging interaction and idea exchange among members.

    Prices for shared office space at Parexl Workspaces ranges from ₹5,999 for Open Dedicated Desks to ₹7999 for Private Desks

    Yes, we do offer a 1-day free trial. At Parexl, we offer our newbies a whole day to experience premium coworking facilities. On this day, you will be allowed access to all our amenities.

    Coworking spaces include networking and collaboration among diverse businesses. coworking space creates a community of like-minded individuals. The dynamic environment and the presence of motivated individuals can enhance productivity. Coworking spaces offer a professional setting with modern amenities.

    Corporate Coworking Spaces: Larger corporations are increasingly setting up their coworking spaces within their own premises or in separate locations.

    Hybrid Coworking Spaces: Hybrid coworking spaces combine elements of traditional coworking with features of business clubs or executive suites. 

    Collaborative Spaces: These spaces are designed to encourage collaboration and interaction among members.

    Coworking spaces are used by a diverse range of individuals and organizations, but some groups tend to utilize them more frequently or find them particularly beneficial. The common thread among all these users is the desire for flexibility, community, networking opportunities, and a professional workspace without the long-term commitments and expenses associated with traditional offices.

    A coworking space should be equipped with various security measures like access cards and key systems to control access and maintain a secure environment. Our space is designed to facilitate productive and collaborative meetings room and conferences for your convenience and refreshment, we provide designated areas where you can grab a snack or a drink. 

    Parexl Workspaces is located in sector 63 noida. It’s a walking distance from sector 62 metro station. Parexl is a social enterprise with a purpose to catalyze, evolve and support new ideas that make positive change in the professional world. Parexl’s upcoming projects are also in Noida sector 15 to be precise. 

    Mainly it is operational in Noida city. Its upcoming projects are in Gurugram. Parexl is an organization that is working to meet the needs of communities across the city.

    Yes, Any one can rent a single cabin at Parexl Workplaces. 

    Renting a work cabin can be a great option for individuals or businesses looking for a dedicated and quiet space to focus on work-related tasks. However, specific details about a rented work cabin can vary based on the location, provider, and type of cabin. There you can work with your own comfort. It creates a good professional environment. As it is ideal for the people who own SMBs and or a business owner. 

    Yes, Parexl Workspaces provide event spaces. If you are someone who is planning to organize an event for your office colleagues or a professional event. We have event spaces available at our premises. Where you can create memories and have a quality time.  These events can range from casual gatherings to more structured and formal activities. They play a vital role in promoting employee engagement, boosting productivity, and creating a sense of belonging among team members. The cost to do so is 1499 Hr/Rs.

    The cost of a coworking space may vary from ₹ 399 to 5999. At Parexl we have all the amenities at certain costs. It is very feasible though. It offers a distraction free environment. Which helps you increase your productivity and helps you evolve professionally as an individual and as a team.